Our Wines

Each year we assess the growing season and keep a close eye on the development of the different grape varieties. Working with our winemakers, we carefully decide what wines to make from each of the different varieties, then pick the grapes when they are at their optimum. As a result every vintage is completely unique.

  • A dry rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir. A delightful wine with lovely fruity aroma reminiscent of strawberries and cream on the nose with a hint of cherry, apple and peach on the palate. A great partner to chicken, pork or fish dishes

  • An elegant dry white, made from a blend of Bacchus and Madeleine Angevine. Supple hints of passion fruit and pineapple on the nose, and the essence of the English countryside on the palate with apple and elderflower flavours. Try with Asian dishes.

  • A first for us, made from 100% (black) Pinot Noir grapes. Ensuring that the grape juice doesn’t stay in contact with the grape skins, minimal colour is extracted. Evoking the taste of English apples with zesty undertones of citrus fruits and honey. Try with seafood or cream based dishes.